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The Writing Center offers a variety of services to assist students with their writing and speaking projects. 

Don't know which schedule to pick? It starts with what you would like to work on...

Are you an undergraduate student working on a writing project? Select the Undergraduate Writing Tutors schedule.

Are you a graduate student working on a writing project? Select the Graduate Writing Tutors schedule.

Are you working on a speech, presentation, or spoken-word project? Select the Oral Communication Consultants (OCC) schedule.


For in-person appointments, be sure to note your appointment's location (Memorial 016 or Morris 017).

For online appointments, check out our information on appointment types:

Real-time online appointments:

Asynchronous e-tutoring:


SCHEDULING POLICY: Appointments with our undergraduate and graduate writing tutors are 1 hour in length. Appointments with our Oral Communication Consultants are 30 minutes in length. Each student is permitted 1 tutoring appointment per day.

LATE POLICY: If you are more than 15 late to a writing tutoring appointment or more than 10 minutes late for an oral communication appointment, your appointment slot may be give to someone else.

UD ID required at check-in.